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Cladding & Roofs

To help customers maximise the visual impact of their industrial or retail units – particularly at out-of-town retail / business parks – we offer a comprehensive range of finishes that can be applied cleanly and efficiently to large areas of cladding and fascias.

Our paints can be mixed to complement your corporate branding – download a RAL colour chart here – so come and talk to us about your specific requirements.

Browse our portfolio of completed Commercial Paint Spraying jobs

Mazda Building
Co-op Building

Great project completed for Horton Seat in Lincoln.

A fantastic local business that’s been around since 1954, having their whole building including windows and doors modernised… with a newly sprayed grey finish!

SEAT Interior
SEAT Exterior

New Guard Coatings Group.

Working in partnership with New Guard Coatings Group we have access to the paint and coating industry's big brands and products. By taking advantage of New Guard Coatings links with global suppliers such as ; PPG, Rustoleum, Flexcrete and Zinsser you can rest assured that your projects are being completed using the absolute best products available.





One example of Kaleidacoat's impressive high standards is our usage of Rustoleum's product-range for roofing and cladding; Noxyde.

No cracking or peeling. With excellent adhesion and heat stability. A dry fall product which allows us to apply the coating to your building with no danger of paint contamination of the nearby area i.e. the over-spray turns to powder before hitting the ground.




Object Type: Industrial Cladded Roof
Surface Type: Plastisol Coated Cladding
Total Coated Surface: 730m2
Used Products: ND14, Noxyde Tape & Noxyde
Description: 10 Year Warranty Project - cleaned & degreased with
ND14, Noxyde Tape applied to overlaps and 2 coats of
Noxyde applied at 400g/m2

As Kaleidacoat are Rustoleum approved contractors we can offer you 10, 15 and 20 year warranties giving your building years of protection.

With our utter attention to detail, edges are even covered using Noxyde tape before the elastomeric coating is applied ensuring a water-tight finish is given to your building or fabrication. For more information on Noxyde Tape, click here

Noxyde Cut Edge/Overlap Protection 10 Year Warranty System

For the ultimate in corrosion protection, Noxyde is the product you can rely on. UV, wear and impact resistant, water based so it's environmentally friendly too. No cracks or tears as it's an elastomeric coating.

Excellent coverage of nuts, bolts and welds especially when incorporated with Noxyde tape we ensure a clean, watertight and impressive finish. With 10, 15 and 20 year warranties available, there's no need to look elsewhere.